7th International Day of Simulation and Gaming

7th International Day of Simulation and Gaming

Friday, 17 November 2023 is the seventh International Day of Simulation and Gaming. SAGSAGA, the Swiss Austrian German Simulation and Gaming Association, is organizing this International Day of Simulation and Gaming to promote the method of simulation games to a broader public. On this day, and on other days in the same week, a variety of actions takes place around the world. In many places simulation games can be learned and tried out. It can be a prototype, a scientific lecture, a workshop or another format. All the events are linked to the fact that they are revolving around simulation games, their development, application or research. Participation in an event is free of charge. All interested parties are cordially invited, and there is a lot to be found near you!

Simulation gaming is a method that allows the participant to experience the same as in reality, but it remains in the game. In doing so, the effects of your own decisions are experienced. In a game, you can, for example, lead a company, become a chancellor, or experience the consequences of your mobility decisions made in the game. Let yourself be fascinated by the simulation game method!

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17 november 2023
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