GSGS ’22: Gamification & Serious Games

GSGS '22: Gamification & Serious Games

The Swiss based GSGS Gamification & Serious Games Symposium will be held again end of June, and will probably be online for a good deal. Have a look at their website, also for many videos of their past four conferences.

The GSGS presents tangible ideas that underline the real potential of a ludic approach to take up technical and serious challenges. This event, which brings together lots of different and varied fields while being really focused on the user’s needs, is a bridge between universities and firms. The audience will also be asked to take an active part in seminars, workshops, exchange places, round tables and social events along with 60 talks and demos. Now, thanks to our rich experience with more than 100 national actors – mainly industries and applied research and development institutes -, we open our doors to the world to both enrich ourselves with the universal diversity and to highlight Swiss expertise.

Meer info op de website van de organisatie

29 juni 2022 - 1 juli 2022
00:00 uur