The international yearly conference ISAGA 2023 is organized by the La Rochelle University in France. Stay tuned for further information on the conference program, submissions, and registration.

You can contact the conference organizers at the following address

ISAGA 2023 at La Rochelle, France, from July 4th to 7th 2023

The 54th international conference on Simulation and Gaming emphasises

“Simulation and Gaming for social and environmental transitions”.

Along with this theme, we welcome all types of contributions related to simulation and gaming.

ISAGA community

Founded in the seventies, ISAGA is one of the oldest communities of people involved in the domain of gaming and simulation. Its members cover a vast knowledge and tradition in developing and using simulation, gaming, and related methods. Today, the community brings together researchers and practitioners from the fields of management, social and environmental sciences, education, planning and technical sciences. They study the design, facilitation and debriefing methods as well as evaluation protocols for gaming/simulation. The conference covers a wide range of application types and uses such as serious games for educational purposes, policy games and simulations exercises to support decision-makers, haptic games or boardgames to help groups carry out collective actions, interactive installations, or gamified environments to raise awareness, and much more in a powerful mix to produce spaces of exchange and of multilogue communication around complex issues involving humans and their environment. For its 54th anniversary, the conference will emphase the theme of “Simulation and Gaming for social and environmental transitions”.

Organizers of ISAGA 2023 conference:



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4 juli 2023 - 7 juli 2023
Hele dag uur