ISAGA Summer School on Evaluation and Research

ISAGA Summer School on Evaluation and Research

ISAGA will offer a full week of Summer School this September, in Stuttgart. Subject is developing evaluation tools fit for your research with support and experienced teachers from different disciplines (Psychology, Management Sciences and Sociology). It is aimed to let you get the full potential out of your games and attention will be paid toward the facilitation which can enhance the evaluation results. As the school is international in scope, we use English as language of choice. There are still some free spots!

We start the week with common simulation game experiences. This will then serve as a basis for further activities. We want to bring the participants into dialogue, set impulses and move forward together. 

Experienced trainers will lead through workshops, game play sessions and impulses addressing methods of evaluation in the field of simulation games. The program is framed by excursions and fellowship at our colourful social programme.

The Summer School is hosted by the Centre of Management Simulation at the Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany. Partners are ISAGA and SAGSAGA as the local SAGA Association.


Birgit Zürn
Centre of Management Simulation of DHBW Stuttgart
Paulinenstr. 50, 70178 Stuttgart


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26 september 2022 - 30 september 2022
Hele dag uur

Centre of Management Simulation of DHBW Stuttgart
Paulinenstrasse 50