Rotterdam Serious Games Summit

Rotterdam Serious Games Summit

This December 6 will be the day of the Rotterdam Serious Games Summit. Aiming to be a first, as an internationally oriented business event to showcase the power of serious gaming. Tickets are available at E363,- Deadline for workshop proposals is September 15th. SAGANET will have presence with at least one keynote and game, and was also part of the advisory board.

Discover the potential of Serious Games for Education as our keynote speakers share insights into how games can revolutionize learning and enhance engagement. Dive into the world of Serious Games for Health and Well-being and unlock the secrets of leveraging gaming for personal and societal well-being. Explore the game-changing impact of Serious Games for Business and Industry, where virtual simulations and gamified solutions are driving efficiency, productivity, and skill development. Get a glimpse into the future of gaming with our visionary keynote speakers, who will unveil the latest trends and opportunities shaping the Serious Games landscape. But it doesn’t stop there! Immerse yourself in our interactive showcase, where you can play and demo the most cutting-edge serious games and technologies. Network with like-minded professionals, forge valuable connections, and discover collaborative opportunities that can drive your projects forward. As the day comes to a close, celebrate your achievements at our exclusive dinner, reserved for those who have reached the summit’s Epic Goals.

Ticket sales start August 15th on the website of the RSGS!

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6 december 2023
09:00 - 18:00 uur

Maassilo Rotterdam
Maashaven ZZ 1-2
3081 AE Rotterdam