SAGANET online Seminar: Games for Sustainability II

SAGANET online Seminar: Games for Sustainability II

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This March we will have another look of how we can promote sustainability with serious games, gamification and simulations, since our successful meet in 2021. Together with the international special interest group (SIG) Sustainability of ISAGA, we will explore, listen to speakers and play short games.

Saskia Manshoven tells us about EcoCEO, a new game on circular economy for high school students, Mehdi Khoury will show us Toy Town, a game about water management with surprising lessons, and we’ll have a look at ENROADS, we will try to save our world from global warming.

1330 opening

1345 EcoCEO

1445 Toy Town


We’ll have short breaks in between to get coffee, and stay open after if you want to stay and discuss. All times are CET, Central European time.

Join us in an international online meet and learn, share and play!


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24 maart 2023
13:30 - 17:00 uur

Online Zoom Meet


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